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How to find app developers for your business

How to Find App Developers for your Business

The global market of mobile apps was $187.58 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow by 13.4% by 2030.

Are you a business owner and want to hire an app developer for your business? Before looking for developers, you should know what you are looking for remote developers or developers on rent. Also, what kind of app do you want, Android, iOS, or Cross-platform?

For instance, if you are looking for an Android app, you can hire remote developers with Java and Kotlin experience. For iOS, you will require developers’ experience with Swift or Objective-C. Cross-platform apps require developers with Flutter experience.

In this article, we will help you in hiring remote developers for your business.

What should you know before finding app developers for your business?

Before hiring app developers or remote developers, you should be very sure about the project requirements.

Usually, many business owners just come with a requirement to develop their competitors’ clone apps. That’s why many apps contain many bugs which need to be fixed. 

So, here are some of the essential points that you need to consider before hiring an app developer.

Decide Your Audience

Developing a mobile app is only helpful with knowing who your audience is. It would help if you chose your audience with similar interests and problems to define your target audience and what app features ease their pain points. Before getting into the specifics, the essential information to include is age, gender, location, languages, income, education, and occupation (behaviour, values, habits, and so on).

It’s critical to consider the purpose of your mobile app and the problems that your app will solve for your target audience.

Find the Pain Point and Solution

Before you test a concept in your market, you are only speculating. To create a successful app, you need to do in-depth research to ensure that there is a problem before providing the solution.

Instead of assuming, asking your potential customer whether the mobile app will solve their problems is better.

Compare your concept to existing ones or competitors to see how unique your app will be. Developing another successful project might not be necessary if one is already in place.

Know Your Requirements

First, you must understand your business requirements before looking for app developers to rent or hire them. The primary step you need to take is to track and measure your KPIs. Pay attention to MVP (minimum value product) solutions; it gives a solid idea about the app right from the design to launch. 

Once you know your requirements, it will help developers estimate the duration to develop your app. Therefore, it is essential to understand your needs and list their features.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Knowing your KPIs is the first thing you need to do as a business owner before planning to develop an app. It is the backbone of every business, as it indicates the track of your business and shows whether it is going as per the plan. 

KPIs help measure your business’s growth and determine the areas of improvement. So, if you don’t track your KPI, your business will be based on assumptions and preferences rather than on data. 

Here are some of the most common KPIs that every business needs to track:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Customer Churn Rate (CCR)
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Which qualities to look for in an App Developer

The following are the essential and foremost qualities an app developer should have:

Creativity: Every developer should have enough skills to build an app with their creative mind instead of sticking to technical concepts. The developer should be flexible and willing to learn new things.

Full-Stack Developer: The best part of being a full-stack developer is that they know different tools, frameworks, and other programming languages. They work on both client-side and server-side software. They must know the structure of the software.

Good Communication Skills: Only some business partners or clients belong from a technical background; therefore, app developers need to have good communication skills to represent the app and explain its features.

How to find app developers for your business?

You will come across thousands of options when you search for remote developers for your mobile app. However, you will have to hire developers per your business requirements, looking at the scenario that perfectly suits your needs.

Let’s try to understand the most basic options available to hire remote working professionals.


In-house hiring is the most appropriate option if you are willing to establish your in-house team with a remote working culture. You can also start remote hiring if you have multiple projects and want to handle an entire development team.

The in-house team is the most common process in every enterprise. However, if you are willing to establish your own in-house team, then you should be aware of other expenses, such as hardware, office furniture, electricity bills, maintenance, etc.


  • Fully authorized over the development process
  • No communication gap


  • Additional expenses
  • Difficult in hiring


Freelance app developers are one of the best options for particular tasks or projects. It is cheaper than the in-house team as you can hire freelance app developers for short duration like projects wise. Freelance app developers charge as per the task hourly or monthly. 

You can only depend on a single freelance developer for some tasks involved in the development process. This means you will require to hire other freelance designers and QA engineers. So, engaging the freelance team can be tedious and even more expensive. 

Moreover, finding suitable app developers for a project or enterprise is a challenging task. Freelance app developers are a good option in an emergency, single, and small project.


  • Cost-effective
  • Short term tasks


  • Communication gap
  • Tough to control

Outsourcing Companies

Considering your convenience and budget, you can collaborate your in-house team with an outsourcing team or agencies. You will have to find a good agency that fulfills your business requirements. It reduces expenses, saves time, and increases productivity. 

This remote hiring process does not require an office or other additional expenses. You can hire a whole dedicated team for your project, which includes a project manager and delivery managers.

Compared to an in-house team, outsourcing saves time and money, and the only drawback is that the outsourcing agent should be well-known and trustworthy. Otherwise, communication can be a barrier.


  • A talented pool of developers
  • Guarantee delivery


  • Communication gap
  • Different time-zone

Where to find App Developers?

There are multiple sources to find app developers, depending on your requirement. It is seen that most business owners rely on references. However, you can find tech professionals on various platforms.

You can start your search in these possible ways:

Freelance Websites

If you are willing to hire remote developers, then Freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Toptal, and many others are great options. Sites like these have experienced tech professionals who can better suit your requirements.


Linkedin is an excellent platform for every professional; you will need to post project requirements, where you will find outsourcing companies and freelance developers.


Obviously, Google is the most common platform for every type of query. Here, you will find all types of combinations from single app developers to teams or even outsourcing companies. Before you make a move, companies will reach out. 

Creative Communities

There are various creative communities for professionals where they upload their sample work and attract more clients to their profiles. Some of them are Behance, Dribble, Pinterest, and many others. You can reach app developers from these communities. 

B2B Directories

If you hire a whole app development team, B2B directories are a great option. On these platforms, companies submit their details, and you can easily pick any after reviewing their services, ratings, charges, etc. Some of these directories are JustDial,, Relevance, and many others. 

Final Words

Mobile apps were always in demand. However, the pandemic has created a new market for apps in every business sector. Hence, a mobile app for your business has become crucial if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and in demand. 

Given how fast the world is moving towards digitalization, you need to make sure that your mobile app development team does not write repetitive code. They should be using AI and ML to write boilerplate code and focus more on business logic.

Our developers are AI-assisted, which means that when you hire them, you will experience better turnaround times and a lot of cost saving. Hire our dedicated AI-powered developers and get off the ground quickly.