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Our developers uses AI to make sure that they focus on the business logic, while other regular code is generated by AI. They spend less time in writing boilerplate code and gives more time to what matter more: building high quality software. Whether it’s a NodeJS service or a Flutter mobile app, our AI equipped developers will make sure that you get the highest quality software.

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Quality work, in and out

Be it high performing web, mobile, or connected devices apps, we’ve built digital products to help users do better.

CRM on Mobile

A complete CRM app for Retailers with support for admin, on ground sales teams and customers. Track orders, payments, returns and attendance. Built with Flutter, NodeJS, VueJS, NuxtJS, PostgreSQL and AWS in 3 months.

Music Streaming App

A unique and beautifully designed music streaming app for Music from South Africa. Supports offline access, podcasts and web browsers too. Built with Flutter, NodeJS, VueJS, NuxtJS, PostgreSQL, Redis and AWS in 3 months.


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Media & Communication

Think of immersive audio and video streaming (OTT, VOD, live streaming), communication and entertainment apps for all screens and devices.

Digital Commerce

Creating commerce marketplace, and Shopify store development, and integrations extending headless e-commerce platform.

Marketing Tech

Building systems for digital marketing automation, viral campaigns, outreach, advertisements, loyalty rewards, and communities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered on our approach, our team, our values, our process, costs, timeline and more.

We are developer-on-rent company. This means, we essentially give our developers to you so that you can get your project done without wasting time hiring them.

Our clients include SaaS founders, startups and enterprise teams.

We usually engage with people who wants to build their own team but do not want to indulge in hiring.

We start by understand their project and it’s requirements. Based on that, we provide them resumes of our developers.

Once they shortlist candidates, we schedule interviews, as per their conditions.

Since our developers are experienced and are among top talent, it becomes very easy for our clients to onboard them.

We’re a team mix of diverse languages, cultures, and varied professional experiences. We are 25+ technical team members based in India with business functions in the US.

We are almost always on the lookout for the best talent in the industry, so our team size keeps growing.

  • Product Mindset – We are obsessed with web and mobile app software products. We believe in faster go-to-market, user-centric designs, system thinking, and value delivery in each step.
  • Focus – We play by our strengths in building custom software solutions (web/mobile app) in media, marketing tech, and modern commerce. Our focus helps us to get better with every iteration.
  • Founders-led approach –  We, as founders, work hand in hand with you, focusing on the problems. We consult with innovative techniques.
  • Transparent pricing – We focus on your needs and find ways to optimize the overall costs. We are flexible, provide a complete breakdown of the efforts and work at reasonable prices. Our sales team will make a rough estimation of your project for free.
  • Full-service coverage – Our team consists of everyone that you may require in your team. From project managers to automation experts, we cover both depth and breadth when it comes to talent.
  • Principle approach – Our principles are simple and we adhere to them. Want to replace a developer? We’re cool with that. Just let us know and we’ll give you replacement in no time.

You can save up to 40% and more on Development/Maintenance/Support and hiring costs by hiring through CitrusLeaf.